What happened to my account and data?

If you had an account and data with econair, please be informed that it has been deleted entirely from our server and database. We understand that this decision might be to an disadvantage if you wished to transfer it to a later version of econair but we wish and need to handle sensible data securely and respectfully. Therefore, the only viable decision was to delete it.

When will econair be back?

Unfortunately, we don't know yet. Of course, it is our plan to revive econair in a newer and up to date version as soon as possible. But we have to do this next to our daily lives and this makes things rather unpredictable.

Do you need any help?

Thank you for your inquiry. We have received a number of such requests but at this early stage, we are covered. As soon as progress allows and we need additional hands, we will post it on our website. So keep an eye open for it. :)

Can I use the econair branding in the meantime?

While we feel honored to actually receive such questions, we have to kindly decline. For now, the intelectual property rights remain with us.

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